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ALM Consult Limited is a specialist independent geoenvironmental consultancy providing key services to the construction, industrial, property and waste management sectors.

Our core expertise is in the assessment and characterisation of greenfield and brownfield land to enable cost-effective development solutions for housing, retail and commercial uses.  We additionally provide geoenvironmental services to a wide variety of property and industrial sectors in the form of environmental due diligence and divestiture audits/investigations and specialist support in Environmental Permit compliance.

We talk to our Clients to ensure that we understand precisely what they want and when they want it. Our reports analyse the complex interactions between various ground-related issues, but we present our findings in plain English, highlight the key problems and ‘abnormals’, and then provide pragmatic solutions with our own independent verification services.

Our Project Managers have an appreciation of the commercial implications of their designs and recommendations. These works are carefully designed and implemented in order to minimise costs and maximise recycling and re-use of materials.

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